Monday, September 27, 2010

The Things I Know now...

So last night Scott and I were reminiscing on all the funny experiences we've had since Oliver was born....We were dieing laughing at some of our not so "super parent" moments... So I had the idea to start compiling a list, of some of our funny moments and "lessons learned" which are way more fun to look back on then how much he weighs every month :) Thought I'd share some from our list (definitely cant share them all or else we might get CPS called haha jk we are really not that bad) For now our list is still short I'm sure 20 years from now we will be able to write a book with these!

Parenting Tips (from a not so experienced mommy)

1. Don't ever hold your naked newborn for too long, you will get pooped or peed on.

2. Always have an extra stash of wipes and diapers or else you may end up using chipotle napkins from the glove box for wipes and an old shirt as a diaper.

3. If you don't like your own cooking, then don't expect your baby to like it either.

4. Always make sure your not leaking breast milk BEFORE you go into a store.

5. Don't ever tell people that your baby "sleeps through the night" as soon as you say it they will prove you wrong.

6. Always make sure your baby is actually buckled in their car seat BEFORE you start driving.

7. Don't ever ASSUME your husband is watching the baby or else you might end up in the emergency room (that's a whole other post in itself)

8. If you really need a good nights sleep, don't be afraid to turn your baby monitor off (don't judge!)

9. Don't expect to ever take another peaceful shower or restroom break for that matter.

10. As soon as you lay down for a nap, the baby will always wake up from his!

11. Don't leave your good shoes lying around or they could end up in the toilet.

12. As soon as you think you have them figured out, they change.

13. The key to keeping from going crazy is, an early bedtime.

14. Just because your 8 month old can climb up the stairs doesn't mean he should.

15. Your phone should never be used as a teething toy

16. When leaving the house make sure to pack EVERYTHING!

17. Most importantly give lots and lots of hugs and kisses and cuddle them way too much, and tell them just how much you love them all the time, cause they grow up way too fast!

okay Id better stop here....And to think I only have 1 lol Love my crazy life, wouldn't trade it for the world!

Please tell me Im not the only mommy who has experienced these?

My little monster


  1. I had to laugh reading these! Most of them have happened to me at one point or another with my girls! : ) LOL!!!

  2. that is so funny because they are all so true!!!!! He is just too freaking adorable! I love the picture of him in the fridge looking back to make sure you arent there!!!!

  3. Hilarious stuff sweetie! Awww thats motherhood thanks for sharing its so good to laugh. See you tomorrow... Lizzie Franco

  4. I love all of them!! Oh and I once put #8 in an advice book for a new mom's baby shower. It did not go over well... I don't recommend you tell new mom's that one, they have to figure it out for themselves! So glad to have you as a friend!!